60 favourite vegan recipes (2024)

ByBecca Heyes

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60 favourite vegan recipes (1)

So, it’s finally the end of vegan January! Here are some thoughts:

– vegan food is awesome! I’ve really enjoyed the meals I’ve been creating – there’s been vegan tacos, vegan soup, veganpâté, vegan stew… all sorts of things. And it’s all been great! Anyone who thinks vegan food purely consists of a pile of lettuce with some tofu on top is either ignorant or just stupid. That meal probably only made up about a third of my diet through January (kidding…).

– for me at least, vegan food requires a bit more thought than vegetarian food. I guess it’s just because I’m not quite used to coming up with vegan meals yet, so it did take me a bit longer to come up with tasty recipe ideas. It’s probably how meat-eaters feel when they try to cut down on their meat intake – adjusting to anything new takes a bit of time. I’m sure if I was to stay vegan for longer, it would start to come more naturally.

– it definitely helps to have supportive friends and family. When we’ve visited our families over the last month, both my mum and my fiancé’s mum have helped us come up with some great meals. If they hadn’t been so lovely about it, we probably would have been stuck eating hummus and crisps… again…

– not all vegans are hippies! So many of you have reached out to me this month to tell me about your own veganism. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, and eat the way they do for a wide variety of reasons – I’ve loved hearing from you all!

– I’m really looking forward to eating some cheese tomorrow! However, although I don’t plan on staying vegan, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the fact that not everything is better with cheese (just most things…), so I’ll definitely be trying to include more vegan recipes on the blog as well as my usual ones.

So there you have it. Thanks to anyone who offered any tips or encouragement over the last month! In return, I’d like to share some of my favourite vegan recipes, both from my own archives and from other food blogs. Blogs were definitely a massive help in coming up with inspiring things to eat this month!

Sorry for the majorly long post, by the way. I got a bit carried away. You guys seem to enjoy these round-up posts though, so hopefully you’ll let me off.

(note: all recipes are essentially vegan, but one or two might require an easy substitution such as using agave nectar instead of honey)

60 favourite vegan recipes (2)

Vegan breakfasts

Coconut oats with brown sugar bananas (pictured above)
Homemade vegetarian baked beans
Pumpkin spice granola from An Edible Mosaic
Cinnamon vanilla cashew milk from Oh My Veggies
Mango coconut oatmeal from Kitchen Treaty
Banana eggnog pancakes from Post Punk Kitchen
Tofu scramblefrom Not Quite Nigella

60 favourite vegan recipes (3)

Vegan tacos, enchiladas etc

Lentil and black bean tacos (pictured above)
Tofu tostadas from Two Peas and Their Pod
Greek tacosfrom Girl Makes Food
Tempeh tacos from Oh My Veggies
Summer squash tacos with avocado chimichurri sauce from Cookie and Kate
Korean tacos from Girl Makes Food
Black bean enchiladas with roasted red pepper cashew cream from Oh My Veggies

60 favourite vegan recipes (4)

Vegan stews and chillis

Aubergine stew with olives and capers(pictured above)
Vegetarian sausage hotpot
Easy roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas
Slow cooker lentil chilli from Two Peas and Their Pod
Crock pot buffalo cauliflower chillifrom Kitchen Treaty
Black bean and sweet potato chillifrom What’s Gaby Cooking

60 favourite vegan recipes (5)

Vegan stir fries and noodles

Pineapple and cashew stir fry(pictured above)
Creamy avocado and rocket pasta
Whole wheat sesame noodles with spicy peanut saucefrom Kalyn’s Kitchen
Baked tofu satay with peanut noodlesfrom An Edible Mosaic
Asian noodle salad with cashew dressingfrom Eats Well With Others
Mango-chilli tofu stir fryfrom Oh My Veggies
Quinoa stir fry with summer vegetablesfrom Gluten-Free Goddess
Skinny garlic fried ricefrom Pinch of Yum

Vegan curries

Green fruit vegetable curryfrom Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Butternut squash and yam curryfrom The Roasted Root
Spinach and coconut dalfrom Tinned Tomatoes
Easy chickpea curry with coconut rice from How Sweet It Is

Vegan burgers, fritters etc

Thai-style corn and potato cakes (pictured above)
Cheesy spinach pasta pattiesfrom Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Lentil mushroom burgersfrom Oh My Veggies
Black bean burger dinnerfrom An Edible Mosaic
Curried eggplant, lentil and quinoa burgersfrom Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

60 favourite vegan recipes (6)

Vegan soups

Thai green curry spinach soup(pictured above)
Smoky coconut and butternut squash soup(pictured top)
Quick red Thai curry noodle soup
Smoky roasted cauliflower soup with herbed chickpea dumplingsfrom An Edible Mosaic
Slow cooker Thai butternut squash and peanut soupfrom Kalyn’s Kitchen
Nutty sweet potato soup with harissa and spinach from Eats Well With Others

60 favourite vegan recipes (7)

Vegan salads

Avocado chickpea salad (pictured above)
Kale and delicata squash salad with citrus-maple vinaigrettefrom Oh My Veggies
Kale and quinoa salad with black beansfrom Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Avocado, apple and hazelnut saladfrom Tinned Tomatoes
‘Eat your greens’ chickpea medleyfrom Oh She Glows
Heirloom BLT salad with coconut baconfrom Cookie and Kate

60 favourite vegan recipes (8)

Vegan dips etc

Walnut and roasted garlic chickpeapâté(pictured above)
Edamame basil hummusfrom Two Peas and Their Pod
Slow roasted tomato hummusfrom Kalyn’s Kitchen
Eggplant dipfrom Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Spiced Moroccanpâtéfrom Tinned Tomatoes
Roasted pumpkin seed hummusfrom Half Baked Harvest

If you like recipe round-ups, you might also like to take a look at my collections of 40 vegetarian mushroom recipes and 60 vegetarian black bean recipes.

60 favourite vegan recipes (9)

Becca Heyes

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Becca Heyes has been a vegetarian food blogger, recipe developer and cheese eater extraordinaire since 2011. She's been a vegetarian for significantly longer, after having stopped eating meat out of pure stubbornness at the tender age of 9. She spends her life testing recipes, sharing them with fellow veggie-lovers, and trying to think of new ways to say 'cheesy'.

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  1. Wow! I literally just pinned almost every single one of these recipes. I’ve been in such desperate need of some inspiration. Thank you! Can’t wait to give some of these a try :)


  2. I am putting it ou there that Thai-style corn and potato cakes is my number one from this list.


60 favourite vegan recipes (2024)
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