How long is Spider-Man Remastered? (2024)

How long is Spider-Man Remastered? (1)

Need to know how long Spider-Man Remastered is? It can vary based on your playstyle but expect 20 hours, or more, of your time to be taken up by web-slinging action. If you focus solely on Spidey's main mission in Spider-Man Remastered, you might even get a sub-20 hour completion, but you'll obviously miss a lot of side missions and objectives that'll get you to 100% completion. You're playstyle is going to have a big impact on how long it take you to beat the game, but the good news is that when it comes to the question of how long Spider-Man Remastered is, you won't have to clear too much of your schedule to make room.

Marvel's Spider-Man was never touted as a huge game, with Insomniac saying "around 20 hours" when asked how long it was. However, from my own experiences of reviewing it, that 20 hours is if you're going to really drill through the story and little else. So that's main story missions, with a few side quests, challenges, and not much messing about - just a laser focus on completion.There's plenty more to do outside the main story, including collecting all the Spider-Man Remastered suits, or finding all the Spider-Man Remastered secret photo locations.

In my review play through I hit about 25 hours to story completion, with a few side missions and challenges thrown in along the way, but then played on to about 35 or so hours to complete, and finally platinum, the game. Something the site How Long to Beat corroborates with via its crowdsourced collection of completion times:

How long is Spider-Man Remastered? (2)

Although the data collected there suggests you could squeeze a play through to completion in as little as 16 hours if you only did the story missions. Although playing Marvel's Spider-Man as more or less a linear game kind of misses the point of all that web swinging freedom.

Spider-Man Remastered also includes all the DLC for the original base PS4 game. 'The City That Never Sleeps' is a pack that contains three small stories (The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining), each lasting about three hours each. You could easily complete all three in less than nine hours, but a more thorough, completionist playstyle will take you close to 12 hours to get through all three DLCs. So, with the main game, you're looking at about 35-45 hours of friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man content.

If you want to see some of the things you could discover if you take your time, here are some of the best Spider-Man Remastered Easter eggs.

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How long is Spider-Man Remastered? (3)

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How long is Spider-Man Remastered? (2024)
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