Fresh and Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe (2024)



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I trick I learned at LeNotre: Put the mushrooms in a pan with a little butter and salt them lightly. Cover abd heat over moderate fire until they begin to exude liquid. They will be partially cooked but still firm. Drain them well and set aside until ready to prepare. Use the liquid in your broth. Having given up much of thier liquid, the mushrooms will now brown beautifully.

John D.

Adding a couple tablespoons of brandy, sherry or Marsala really kicks this dish up a notch as it complements the mushrooms really well!


Thanks for broth heads-up…was ready to dive in. Here's like for Porcini Broth from Times :


What did you do for the mushroom broth? I'm curious, as it was never mentioned until it was supposed to be added, magically completed in someone else's kitchen, I guess. Don't tell me you used prepared chicken broth!!!


Learned a simpler variant of this at Marcella Hazan's Bologna school in the early '80s. She used mostly cultivated mushrooms, but added a handful of dried porcinis steeped in hot H2O after browning the other mushrooms. Of course sautéed onions, garlic & white wine. The whole dish ends up tasting as if it were entirely made from porcinis but is very affordable.

Linda Rossi

This looks a lot like the mushrooms I learned to make from my Italian mother in law. We used the chanterelles exclusively (that we had gathered) on our wonderful fungi expeditions.
My suggestion is that the addition of celery will greatly improve the flavor. I wouldn't think of making fungi without celery! I will try the tomato paste & tomatoes as something different. I also love a touch of Amontillado sherry for it's slightly nutty taste in the mix.

Al Warner

fivebyfive: for the mushroom broth, just soak the porcini in warm water for about 15- 20 minutes. I don't find the reconstituted mushrooms to be particularly good but they give up their flavor and fragrance to the soaking water - the broth. Just be sure to strain through cheesecloth or very fine strainer before adding to the dish.


Subbed oyster mushrooms for the chanterelles, subbed 14 oz. diced no-salt tomatoes for the 3 fresh, added 2 T. brandy, and also used the porcini used to make the broth, finely chopped, in the stew. Served as a stew with a tablespoon or so of local goat cheese on top. Rave reviews.

Douglas Williams

Madeira is the supreme flavouring addition.


Next time I will leave out the tomato paste, it overpowers the taste of the mushroom. Instead, add some sherry!


This was lovely served with some homemade ricotta gnocchi. They only comment I would add is that unless you have a very large wide skillet, cook the mushrooms in batches for better browning.

K vandermolen

Just pulverize dried porcinis in a spice/coffee ginder - no need to order or pay $$ for a specialized ingredient you can make yourself.


Put mushrooms in pan with a little butter and salt lightly. Cover, heat over moderate fire until they begin to weep, till partially cooked but still firm. Drain well and set aside until ready to go. Use the liquid in your broth. W/out their liquid, mushrooms will now brown beautifully.

Erich Hayner

Why on earth would you utilize porcini broth and not the porcinis that are needed to make them?
Soak a bunch or so of dried porcini in the required amount of very hot water for 20 minutes or more.
Remove the reconstituted mushrooms and chop.
Strain the soaking water, being careful of sand.
Proceed, adding the chopped mushrooms in along with the broth.

Sue Ryan

Also useful to give an extra fillip of flavor is porcini powder, you can get it at most good groceries or online.

Mich Sansur

This is the best mushroom stew recipe I have found. I love the deep rich flavors. You can really mix in whatever mushrooms you find (shiitake, oyster or chanterelles). I use a can of tomatoes instead of fresh and vegetable broth (better than bouillon) for the stock. Tastes like a beef stew, for vegans.


Absolutely delicious, the only deviation from the recipe was to add 2 tablespoons of heavy cream. This added a lot of creaminess to the sauce. I forgot, we added a little lemon juice (1/4 lemon) after sautéing the mushrooms. This is a keeper!


I modify my statement: it’s a little weird and I’d rather make something else but it does taste good. My “1 large onion” absolutely makes up the bulk of the stew though. Maybe large New York onions are smaller than large Oregon onions? It doesn’t have that beautiful, silky, dark red broth like the picture even though I used double concentrated tomato paste. Oh well.


I’d rather make mushroom Bourgogne tbh. This was kind of weird

Susan much flavor! Used cremini, King Trumpet and Chantrelle mushrooms, cooking the sliced Trumpet in EVOO at the end for about three minutes, adding the T. of butter and then cooking the Chantrelles briefly. Lots of freshly ground pepper and used fresh beef bone broth for the liquid. Served with Mill Valley Pasta Mafaldine pasta which has just the right chewy texture, substantial enough for this hearty stew. I'll be making this for guests for sure.


Made the mushroom broth using a porcini stock cube. Cooked the mushrooms in butter. Didn’t have tomatoes so I used part of a can of crushed red tomatoes. Skipped the chanterelles and grated a small clove of garlic directly into the stew instead — don’t think I was missing out on much by skipping the chanterelles because the stew was incredible.


Added a few tablespoons of sherry. Skipped the tomato paste and added juice from a can of diced tomatoes.It was really lovely. Would be nice with some beef roast or with soft tofu. We had it with brown rice. I can see this would be good with cheese grits.

NK in Prescott, AZ

Cooked some hot sausage first because I thought the dish would be too one-dimensional. Used that to cook the mushrooms. Poured boiling water over dried wild mushrooms and used that for the broth (only needed 1 cup). Polenta was OK, but stirring constantly for 30 minutes is not worth the results, IMHO.


This recipe is very very good. Surprisingly flavorful. To make the broth, I tried another user’s suggestion and put the shiitake stems in a pot with a quarter tbsp of butter, a dash of salt and about a 1/2 cup of water to make mushroom broth. I also used rosemary, thyme and sage. Highly recommend.

Claire in SF, CA

I butchered this recipe & it was still delicious. New Year's resolution: read, understand & follow recipes from start to finish. All of my ingredients were correct, just the order in which I "followed" the instructions was off. I served the mushroom stew with David Tanis' polenta using a vegetable broth. I am an huge David Tanis fan. He is the best flavor builder & it's worth it to follow his sometimes seemingly overcomplicated directions. My fault this time and I've made this before.

Russell Jordan

One of my problems with NY TImes recipes is the requirements for ingrediants that can only be procurred at one or two specialty shops in NYC. This is a perfect example. I am on Long Island which has a pretty decent store network. But my local grocery only has white button and portabello mushroom. I found another one in the next town over that had Crimeni, sh*take and Chanterelles. I followed the recipe it it came out great. The focus on unatainable "Wild Mushrooms" is elitist and totally not nec


This was completely delicious but took half the day to cook! Made with shiitake, cremini and. oyster mushrooms and served over polenta. The porcini broth is a must.


Just okay, made it close to vegan with the polenta and nutritional yeast.


This is amazing. Pair it with some crusty bread. Man. So good.

The Other Jim Hargrove

Tried this out on some friends who are used to my culinary adventures. Happy to say that all liked the dish. Not too hard to prepare except for all the cutting up. I prepared ahead to the point in the recipe and warmed it back up before adding the "wild" mushrooms. Worked great.

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Fresh and Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe (2024)
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