How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (2024)

We all know the power of visualisation when it comes to achieving goals. But have you ever dabbled in manifestation? Here’s where the power of the vision board comes in.

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Most of us aren’t just working towards one goal or dream in life. Women especially are a complicated combination of many – big ones like a fulfilling career, a stable home, travel or the ideal family situation, and more personal ones like maintaining or growing your values, or to just be more kind to yourself. And maybe a nice handbag or two.

A vision board is a way to manifest goals visually with the idea that when you see your intentions, you’ll actually do something about them – and some of the biggest names in business and pop culture such as Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Deepak Chopra are big fans.

Now if you’re like us and the thought of chopping up little pictures to stick onto a vision board has got you reminiscing about decorating your school books with little collages before you’d beg your mum to slick some clear Duraseal over the top – yup, it’s exactly what it’s like (although minus the Duraseal thank you – mums, if you still have to do this, Godspeed for January 2023).

A vision board is a representation of where you want your life to go during a set period of time. While you can dream big with your board and keep your goals open-ended, most people start with a timeframe, often a year. Psychology Today says that visualisation can increase confidence, motivation and performance.

So, with the New Year approaching, it’s the perfect time to sit down with a glass of something, your favourite playlist and get into a crafternoon that’ll set you up with a clear vision of what you want 2023 to look like.


1. Self-reflection – what do you want?

First up is the hardest part, trying to figure out what your goals and dreams are. Think about the time period – are you focussing on short-term aims, or the bigger, longer picture? What do you want to manifest over the next year? Love? Success? Personal growth? Specific desires? We decided to depict our goals and dreams for the business – growth, success and financial stability – as well as the values we want to continue to nurture for both our company and our brand – kindness, empathy, mental health, collaboration and resilience.

We also featured our muses, such as Dolly Alderton, and our dream interview, Oprah. We depict celebration, travel, flexible working, and of course ourselves – three friends who now own a business together!

Write them down so you don’t forget anything, and now, the fun part.

2. Choose a colour palette

Colour is a HUGE part of manifestation, with different hues attracting different energies, and representing different feelings. For example, red denotes confidence and assertiveness; orange represents creativity; yellow evokes positivity and warmth; green is all about connectivity and healing as well as growth; pink is love; and blue means honesty and calm (click here for more colour meanings, and scroll down for some we’ve put together ourselves.)

You can use different colours in different areas of your vision board to bring your intentions to life – for example, yellow around your dream of buying a house, red around career goals and green around your personal goals.

Or you can do what we’ve done and simply stick to your favourite colours, or hues that match your personal aesthetic. We popped along to Resene’s website to create our very own palette with our Capsule colours – pale pink and dark green – with different shades of pink, as well as a neutral tone to balance out the colour.

Use Resene testpots to paint your colours onto your board – you can go for any painted design you like.


How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (1)

Resene Sorbet, Resene Wisp Pink, Resene Permanent Green, Resene Fair Pink, Resene Quarter White

3. Find your images

Using your Resene chosen colour palette for the background of the vision board, as well as inspiration for finding similarly-coloured images, we used both magazine cut-outs (a lovely hark back to our days in print media for us!) and images sourced from Pinterest and image searches that we printed out.

Along with motivational quotes and buzzwords that tied into our goals, we used images of our muses, ourselves and references to in-jokes we have in the office (Google Rickey Thompson ‘Me in a Room Filled with People Who Don’t Like Me’ for a lol).

And if you’re looking for a fun background for your board, try some wallpaper – Resene have an incredible selection – for a chic, sophisticated palette base. You can order samples of your favourites at your Resene ColorShop.

How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (2)

Our vision board

4. Or, go digital!

We loved the process of sitting down with a wine and some scissors and physically cutting out images but if you’re a digital kind of gal, then Canva will be your new best friend. Check out their mood board templates for a perfect starting point, and from there get creative!

5. Assemble – there’s no rules

Vision boards aren’t supposed to be perfect – after all, life isn’t perfect! Assemble your board from your gut – stick things where they feel right, and don’t worry too much about making everything just so.

You can use any kind of board or paper – think an A2 sheet, a thin wooden or corflute board, cardboard – or if you’re like us and like a little bit of order in your home, grab a cheap frame and use that. It’ll instantly elevate your board to art! (Well, art is in the eye of the beholder… right?!)

6. Display somewhere you’ll see it

This is the most important – you need to be able to see your vision board every day in order to manifest your goals. If you’re not keen to have in on display, or if it’s a little too personal for everyone in your house to see, pop it in the back of your wardrobe, or on your wardrobe door. Ours hangs on the wall of our office so we can see it every day – we’ll let you know in a year’s time if it’s worked!

Manifest your goals: The Colours You Can Use to Visualise Success in 2023:


How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (3)

Resene Ottoman, Resene Spanish Green, Resene Deep Sea, Resene Highland, Resene Sage.


How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (4)

Resene Sidecar, Resene Apache, Resene Turbo, Resene Solitaire, Resene Buttercup.


How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (5)

Resene Pattens Blue, Resene Sail, Resene Mariner, Resene Forecast, Resene Blue Night.

How to Make a Vision Board: Manifesting Greatness in 2023 (2024)
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